Differences between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

When you visit a web hosting shop, you will find that it offers various types of web hosting plans. Most web hosting companies will offer shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. You will notice that a shared hosting plan is significantly cheaper than a dedicated hosting plan.

The server used for shared hosting will be supervised by a group of professionals from the web hosting company. Therefore, you don’t need to possess any knowledge about server administration in order to use a shared hosting. The downside is that it has low security level since the server will be used to host a lot of websites. If one website gets hacked, there is a high chance that your website can also be hacked. You can easily manage your website through the control panel. If you are looking for a hosting plan for a small website and you are on a budget, shared hosting will be suitable for you. Many shared hosting plans offer unlimited disk spaces and bandwidth so that the resources limit assigned to each webmaster is higher. If you want to find out what is the limit of the resources on the shared hosting services, you must refer to the terms and conditions. You can also ask the customer service representative about it through online chat, telephone or email.

Differences between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting offers a lot of disk spaces and bandwidth so it can accommodate a large number of websites. It will give you administrative access to the server, which gives you the permission to install whatever program or applications you want. In a Linux dedicated hosting plan, the webmaster will have root access through SSH. If you want to choose a Linux dedicated hosting plan, you must make sure that you are familiar in carrying out SSH commands. With root access to the server, you will be able to monitor the usage of the resources on the server. By monitoring the resources usage on the server, you will be able to detect possible issues that may disrupt the performance of your website.

If you choose a Windows dedicated hosting plan, you will have administrator access to the dedicated server so that you can manage it through a remote desktop. This means that you must have Windows installed on your desktop before you can access the Windows dedicated server via Windows GUI.

Dedicated hosting server offers safe storage for your files. You are the only person that has access to the server so there is a very low chance that a hacker can install virus or script on your website. Dedicated servers have higher processor power so your web pages will load at an optimal speed.

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What are the Benefits of Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting means the resources of the server are allotted to many webmasters. A shared hosting server can host up to few thousands websites, which share the same resources including CPU, bandwidth and data space. Because a shared hosting server can be allotted to thousands of webmasters, the cost of a shared hosting package is also very low. This makes it suitable for online entrepreneurs who have just launched their businesses. Shared hosting plan can be used to host small to medium websites that receive up to 5,000 visitors per day.

What are the Benefits of Shared Hosting

It is easy to set up your website on a shared hosting. Usually, the shared hosting includes a control panel such as cPanel, Plesk or other types of control panels which allow you to monitor the different aspects of your website. You don’t have to maintain the server or fix any issue when the server is not working properly. The web host has a professional team that will be responsible of maintaining the server to ensure that it operates smoothly so that the websites will enjoy good uptime.

Shared hosting is not as unreliable as many people have complained. If you sign up the shared hosting plan with a reputable web hosting company, there is a very low chance that the hackers will gain access into the server and hack your websites. If you sign up with a non established web hosting company, your website will probably be hacked again and again because of the low security system. It is important to do research on the reviews of different web hosting companies so that you will not waste your money on a low quality shared hosting plan.

You can get a shared hosting plan for $5 – $15 per month depending on which web hosting company you sign up with. Sometimes, when there are promotions, you will get big discount so that the shared hosting plan will cost you only half the usual price. This normally occurs during holiday seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas. The web hosting company will release new coupon codes from time to time so that you can expect to get discount for the shared hosting plan throughout the year.

When shopping for a shared hosting plan, be sure to check the description of the hosting plan to find out detailed information about its features such as bandwidth, numbers of domains allowed, bonuses, cpanel, support for CMS such as wordpress and drupal and etc. In this way, you know whether it meets your needs.

Some Facts about Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting provided by web hosting companies. It is called shared hosting because the server resources are shared by a large number of webmasters. Different web hosting companies offer shared hosting plans with different features. Shared hosting is cheap because the cost is shared by a lot of webmasters. Usually, a shared hosting server is allotted to a few thousands webmasters. It is suitable for individuals and businesses who want to host websites with small to medium traffic.

Some Facts about Shared Hosting

Because the resources are shared, your website performance can be affected if other websites consume too many resources on the server. This is why the web host often put limit on shared hosting plans. The administrator will manage the shared hosting server in a way that meet the average needs of each client. You may have come across many web hosting companies that claim to offer unlimited shared hosting plans. Actually, unlimited shared hosting plans also have limits but it is not stated explicitly on the sales page so that customers will be more attracted to sign up with them. You can find out the limit of an unlimited shared hosting plan in the terms and conditions of the web hosting company.

Shared hosting is fully managed by the web host. This means that you don’t have to perform any maintenance job on the server. The web host is responsible in handling all the issues that arise on the server. Most shared hosting plans provide control panel applications for webmasters so that they can easily perform the regular chores of their websites.

Shared hosting does not offer free unique IP address for customers. However, you may be able to buy a unique IP address to use on your server.  Shared hosting is also less reliable. Many people have reported that their websites hosted on shared hosting servers are hacked by hackers. To avoid attack from hackers, you must sign up with a reputable web hosting company that has many years of experiences in hosting websites. The servers used in cheap shared hosting are less secure and can easily be hacked by hackers.

Unless your website receives a large amount of traffic, you don’t have to buy a dedicated hosting. Shared hosting will provide sufficient resources to meet the needs of average websites. Before signing up for a web hosting plan, make sure you do a thorough research by searching the entire web for customer reviews on the web hosting companies. Reading reviews can save you time in finding the right web hosting company.

How to Find a Shared Hosting Plan that is Suitable for Your Website?

How to Find a Shared Hosting Plan that is Suitable for Your Website?

Most web hosting companies will offer a few plans for webmasters to choose from. Every hosting plan has different features so it is important to review them before buying. The web hosting plan must provide sufficient disk spaces for the files in your website. Disk space is consumed by disk files, temporary files, database, analytics, emails, and installations of scripts. If the hosting plans provide unlimited disk space, you should check the terms of service for information on the real limits. The terms of service will provide information on the maximum number of files, folders, and database tables you can host.

How to Find a Shared Hosting Plan that is Suitable for Your Website
How to Find a Shared Hosting Plan that is Suitable for Your Website

The bandwidth in the hosting plan should be enough to cover the amount of data transfer your website receives. It should offer a bit more bandwidth than the actual amount you need for your website. This is because the web host will suspend your website if it gets more traffic than usual. The more multimedia contents that are used on your website, the more bandwidth will be consumed.

If you plan to host more than one site, you should choose a hosting plan that gives you the ability to add multiple domains. You should also find out how many subdomains it allows you to add onto the hosting. You can use subdomains for different sections of your website such as blog, forum, topic categories and etc.

Besides, you must find out what type of database system the hosting plan supports. The most common types of database that most content management systems (CMS) use are MySQL and PostgreSQL. Every CMS you install on your website will require a different database. Therefore, you must make sure the hosting plan’s limit on the number of database you can create is sufficient for you to meet your goal.

If you are using a CMS system for your website, you must find a hosting plan that provides support for PHP, Perl and Python. It should also allow you to create multiple email accounts, auto responders, and automatic mail forwarders. Many hosting plans will include a free control panel for the webmaster. The control panel allows the webmaster to manage various aspects of his hosting and website via a user-friendly interface. Some of the different types of control panels are cPanel, Plesj, and DirectAdmin. With a control panel application, webmasters can easily install different scripts such as CMS, counters, chats, forums and etc in just a short while on their websites.

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Guide to Buy Cheap Shared Hosting Plans

Guide to Buying Cheap Shared Hosting Plans

Webmasters who are interested in buying web hosting services usually will visit the top web hosting comparison sites to read reviews. Most of these websites are affiliates. Although some may provide honest reviews of the web hosting companies, it is better that you do research yourself by visiting web hosting forums. You can also obtain suggestions of reliable web hosting companies from the people you know such as colleagues, friends and family members.

The most important thing you should consider when shopping for a web hosting company is the customer service quality. You must be able to reach the customer service easily when you face an issue with their hosting services. The customer service department should be available for 24/7 throughout the year since problems can occur in the servers at any time. You can test the web hosting company by calling their toll-free number to talk with one of their representatives. You can also email or chat online with their customer representatives. If they did not respond your call, email or chat session in a short period, you should find another web hosting company.

Guide to Buy Cheap Shared Hosting Plans
Guide to Buy Cheap Shared Hosting Plans

The web hosting company must provide backups for their servers. You must ask them how often it will shut down the server for maintenance. They should not always shut down the server for maintenance as it will interrupt the performance of your website. They must have backup servers so that they can use other servers to host the customers’ websites in case one server cannot function properly. Webmasters should ask the web host to provide information about the backup and disaster recovery plan. You can find out about the uptime of the web hosting services in the service level agreement (SLA).

Besides, you must carefully review the specs of the different web hosting plans. The best web hosting plan is the one that fits your website’s needs. You must take into consideration the present and future needs of your website. For example, your website will probably grow and have more features later. In this case, you must find a hosting plan that offers the features your website may need in the future.

The hosting must provide enough disk space to host your webpages, images, and other multimedia files. Videos will take up more spaces than images. If you want to host a simple website, a basic hosting plan with minimum disk space will be sufficient. If your website has lots of images or multimedia content, you should sign up for a better hosting plan with more disk spaces.

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