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Tips on Buying the Best Dedicated Hosting Plan

Dedicated hosting means the entire hosting is allotted to one webmaster so that no one shares the resources with you. If your online business is growing and you are receiving an increasing number of visitors, you should switch to a dedicated hosting plan. The dedicated web server offers sufficient resources that enable your website to perform optimally so that the webpage will load quickly.

Before buying, you should determine how much data your website is transferring every day. You can find out the monthly data transfer of your website by checking the statistics. You should also determine how much spaces your files take. You can find out by checking the data space usage in the cpanel. It is recommended that you choose a hosting plan with additional data spaces and bandwidth so that your website performance won’t be affected when you receive more traffic. Besides, the dedicated hosting plan should allow you to install any software you want. The web hosting company must guarantee that your website will receive 99.9% up-time. You can find out what the 99.9% up-time means by reading the terms and conditions.

Tips on Buying the Best Dedicated Hosting Plan
Tips on Buying the Best Dedicated Hosting Plan

If you don’t have IT staff that is familiar in maintaining a dedicated server, you can sign up for a managed hosting. With managed hosting, you will get supports on all the issues that occur on the dedicated server. The professional team at the web hosting company will be responsible of looking after all aspects of the servers so that it will perform at optimal level. Managed hosting is more expensive than unmanaged hosting because you are hiring the web hosting company to look after the server. If you choose unmanaged hosting, you will have to look after the server yourself. Your staff must be trained in operating a dedicated server. Some web hosting companies will offer a certain level of support for their unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. Examples of supports usually included in the unmanaged dedicated hosting plan are hardware and technical support. There are also semi-managed dedicated hosting plans where the web host will maintain half of the server issues.

Different brand names of hardware are used for the dedicated servers including IBM, Dell and etc. You must make sure that the hardware used for the dedicated hosting is high quality and reliable. The web host will be responsible in ensuring the hardware work properly if you choose the managed hosting plan.

There are various dedicated hosting plans offers on internet. You will find that the pricing differ across different web hosting companies. You should read reviews in order to find a reliable dedicated hosting plan. You should perform comparison between at least 4 web hosting companies when shopping around for a dedicated hosting plan.

How to Buy Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting?

If you search the internet, you will find that there are many web hosting companies trying to offer their web hosting services at the cheapest price possible. Cheap and reliable web hosting do exist but you can only find it if you take time to do research. Most people will be searching for the cheapest web hosting plan. However, you must know that there are a lot of negative sides to cheap web hosting plans such as poor customer service, low up-time, low security and etc. You will get a high quality and reliable web hosting when you are willing to pay a few more dollars. Trying to save money on cheap hosting will end up in you losing money on a lousy hosting. Many web hosting companies have strict refund policies so you must always do research before making decision to sign up a web hosting plan.

How to Buy Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting
How to Buy Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

You should sign up with a web hosting company that specializes in the area of your online business. For example, if you want to host a WordPress blog, you should find a good WordPress web hosting service. If you want to host a large site that receives an enormous amount of traffic, you need a hosting with a server that offers lots of RAM, processors, CPU, data spaces and bandwidth. If you try to save money by finding a cheap hosting, your website performance will drop. This will cause your visitors to visit other websites so that you have lesser visitors.

If you plan to use the hosting to host a large number of websites, you must find a web hosting plan that lets you add multiple domains. The web hosting company should offer good technical support so that you can get the issues on your server fixed quickly. You should be able to contact the customer service through phone, email, and online chat. Many web hosting companies have a place where you can create a new ticket and submit information about the issues you are facing. It is important that they response to your ticket quickly so that you don’t have to wait a long for the issue to be fixed. The web hosting company may also have a forum where you can post the issues you face and receive feedback from the staff and other members.

The web hosting plan must be backed by a money back guarantee for at least 30 days. You must know the procedure in getting a refund in case you find the web hosting service not suit your needs. Many webmasters don’t read refund policies so they end up losing their money when they find fault with the web hosting service. The web hosting company you sign up with must be established and have a long track record of good reviews. You can find reviews from different customers by doing a simple search on the web hosting company via the search engines.

What Webmasters Should Know Before Buying a Shared Hosting Plan?

In shared hosting, one server is used to host as many websites as possible. Usually, a server used for shared hosting can host hundreds or thousands of websites. This makes shared hosting cheap because the resources can be resell to a large number of webmasters. The downside is that you have to share resources such as data space and bandwidth on the server. The web host may cap your CPU usage so that on a shared hosting too.

What Webmasters Should Know Before Buying a Shared Hosting Plan

The main advantage of shared hosting is that it is cheap. It is worthwhile your money since it will offer sufficient resources to meet the needs of most websites. If your website is not receiving an enormous amount of traffic, getting a shared hosting plan will meet your need. Most people are able to afford shared hosting because of the low monthly price. You can pay for your shared hosting plan monthly, bi-annually, annually, 2 years in advanced or 3 years in advanced. The lowest fees advertised by the web hosting company is usually for customers who make payment for the shared hosting plan a few years in advanced. The benefit of paying monthly is that you can unsubscribe at anytime when you don’t want to use the hosting services anymore.

The reliability of the shared hosting depends on whether the server is protected with security systems such as firewalls and applications for protecting the server. Cheap shared hosting has low security so your website will be very vulnerable to being attacked by hackers. If you don’t want your website to be hacked, it is encouraged that you sign up with a web hosting company that charge moderate price. If the web hosting plan is very cheap, the web hosting company will compromise in some ways such as customer service, low server uptime, and your website may also be constantly hacked. The only time you can save is when there is a big discount during holiday season. For example, many web hosting companies will give up to 75% discount on Black Friday. This type of deals usually last for only a few hours or days so you must be quick to grab the discount code and use it in your shopping cart.

Before shopping, make sure you spend time to visit web hosting forums, blogs and review sites to read reviews from different people about various web hosting company. This will help you to make an informed decision when you are shopping for a shared hosting plan.