Hostgator Web Hosting Review

One of the largest private web hosting companies around is Hostgator. Started by Brent Oxley in 2002 HostGator has grown from a dorm room at the Florida Atlantic University to running more than 12,000 servers providing web hosting for almost 1 % of the total internet traffic in the world.

Hostgator Web Hosting Review

Hostgator Hosting Review

The main reason why HostGator is so popular is because they are considered to be among the leading service providers when it comes to reseller hosting. They claim to be providing services to more than 10,000 reseller accounts at all times.

There are a host of unique hosting services which they offer and this ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for no matter if you are an individual with a small personal website or a large corporation with many products and services to offer.

There are 3 different packages available for webmasters on HostGator and they have a quite simple interface for you to compare them and choose the one most suitable to you. These plans are called Hatchling, Baby and Business and the names itself are good enough for you to differentiate between them.

Hostgator Web Hosting features

Now let us look at some of the features that make HostGator such a famous web hosting provider :-

1. Large disk space

HostGator has recently increased its free disk space to 100 GB which is a lot. Most webmasters will find it virtually impossible to use all this space and want for more.

2. Huge Bandwidth

They offer 1000 GB of free bandwidth every month which is again impossible to fully utilize. There are some people who may not even utilize that much bandwidth in a full year. Even if you have a busy website, you won’t have to worry about exceeding your limit and having users face problems with accessing your website. That is a relief.

3. 45 days money back guarantee

Not satisfied with their service? Think that they are not living up to their reputation? You have 45 days to judge whether they are the right web hosting provider for you. They offer a full refund within 45 days if you are not satisfied with their service.

4. Added features

Add to this the fact that they offer you unlimited POP3 Email accounts with any of their plans as well as a $ 100 credit with Google adwords and you would have probably already chosen to use their service without even giving anything else much thought.

Hostgator Web Hosting Services

Hostgator provides several services related to web-hosting such as:

  • Hostgator Shared Hosting
  • Hostgator VPS hosting
  • Hostgator Reseller hosting
  • Hostgator Dedicated servers

Click here to their site where you can experience all of this for yourself

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All in all, a great web hosting provider and one which you will not regret using.

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10 thoughts on “Hostgator Web Hosting Review

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  2. What’s good with Hostgator hosting?

    I’ve been hosting websites at Hostgator long before I started this website and I still run a couple of websites with them at current time. With its quality service, the hosting company is growing fast and was named top in Texas for the recent Inc 5000 Awards.

    Indeed they are one of the best hosting companies you can ever get and they are in my ‘A list’ and here are the keypoints of Hostgator’s success.

    *Updates: Hostgator is now my top choice of hosting. Hostgator hosting service is reliable, priced reasonable, environmental friendly, and best of all, their customer supports rocks!

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